Ana Lucia Novak

Ana Lucia Novak, Co-author, "Success in High Heels"

Ana Lucia Novak, Co-author, “Success in High Heels”

Ana Lucia Novak, Dubbed as a “Social Media Architect”, is an author, speaker and trainer specializing in social media strategy and effective implementation of online and social media marketing strategies. She feels fortunate to  work alongside affluent leaders, (the movers and shakers of Silicon Valley: Oracle®, SAP®, Palm®, Adobe®,Excite@Home®, Electronic Arts®) and many hot startups affording her an invaluable experience in marketing, sales, business development, human resources and operations.

Ana Lucia has always been the “go-to technical” person when it comes to learning how social media platforms, channels and tools work in order to effectively implement social media marketing strategies, including WordPress management and maintenance.

Ana Lucia spends most of her time consulting, training and advising clients regarding best practices, trends, platforms and tools as it relates to their online marketing and social media strategies. This Includes day-to-day project management, planning and program development, supporting their innovation and business development efforts.

Ana Lucia Novak provides several social media services and programs:
  • Do It For You
  • Do It As You
  • Do It With You

This includes social media strategy and implementation services; WordPress and Blogging best practices; and consulting to expand their brand presence and increase customer connections through social media, blogging, and various internet marketing platforms.

Ana Lucia Novak co-authored “Success in High Heels”, (Christine Marmoy)  “Making Your Connections Count” (Thrive Publishing, 2011) available on Amazon.

Contact Ana today for a 30 minute consultation and learn how you can attract new clients, enhance your online presence, or master social media platforms and tools.



Social Media Strategist & Platform Builder at Novak Media Group, LLC.


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